Sunday 17 November

Today we dispensed with musicians as an experiment and only sung one song unaccompanied. We also invited people to share poems or other prose so that we could engage in spoken rather than sung worship. Our thanks goes to those who were brave enough to share, particularly those who shared pieced which they had written themselves.

We started to think about Advent and finding meaning in the waiting. Andy Turner spoke about the instant gratification that we expect to receive in our culture and how little we are encouraged to wait for anything. He encouraged us to reflect on the things that we were waiting for or had waited for in our lives. He suggested how we could use Advent as a period to pray about things we were waiting for.

Millie led our prayers using photographs she had taken during a recent trip to Bethlehem. She told us of a place were both sides to the disputed lands were waiting for justice and waiting to be vindicated. She distributed pictures of walls which divided the community there and invited us to add to the graffiti already on the walls by writing down the things we were waiting for and offering these in prayer to God.


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