Sunday 26 January

Sunday was the last time we will be meeting in the basement of Darlington Street. While we are excited at the new chapter that is opening up we were sad to leave a place where we have been welcomed and feel at home. Many of us have really experienced God and grown in our faith during while we have met together at Darlington Street.

Our sung worship was led by Andy Turner and as we worshipped we were reminded and encouraged to put Jesus in the centre of all things.


Matt Parkes spoke about money and giving and challenged us to think about greed not just in terms of wanting more but also in terms of wanting things for very little money. We thought about how our choices impacted on others. He also challenged us about being greedy with God and not sharing our faith with others, as well as not sharing our time, possessions and money.


Tanya was not able to be with us but she wrote a poem which Caleb read.


The world we live in is full of greediness, if you ask me it’s cheap
The most rewarding prize is eternal life in heaven with our father, and my friends it’s free!

Now looking in this room I reckon most of us can be greedy, “that cakes the biggest I’m having it! Ooooo that coats the most expensive and fashionable I want it!”

Instead of looking after ourselves, we need to be more like Jesus who looked after his people.

We need to give to other people less fortunate then us not just a one off but to make it part of our faith,

So that we can create a cycle, so the people we helped now can give to other people so when the time comes where we must meet our father we are living in better days.

Now you might be sitting their thinking but I don’t have enough money to give,
But when I’m talking about greed I’m not just talking about money, I also mean being greedy and keeping our faith and Jesus boxed inside our hearts.

when you think about it we were not put on this earth to be greedy and to keep everything to ourselves, we were put on this planet to play our part.

We need to start being like disciples instead of being greedy we need to use the gifts God has given us

Now we have been chosen to have these gifts to share with those who have nothing and who do not yet know our father, to help bring them home because they are also Gods children and for his children God feels unconditional love.

so you are aware, greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and in the middle of sin is I

Now I sin, you sin we all sin, don’t ever worry that we messed up we can have another try

Just think of those who would give anything to have the littlest things we have that we’re not thankful for,

Because we are hooked on the worlds desire and need of wanting more.

The most richest and greediest person can have everything they ever wanted and still feel alone

Don’t be like this person when God is calling the rest of his children home.

Jon led us in our prayer time and in small groups we prayed into the things which God had been challenging us about during the talk.

At the end of the evening we prayed for God to bless Darlington Street particularly the basement, which has been our home for so long, and all those who serve God in that place.


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