Sunday 9 March

Things got back to normal after the excitement of last week!

We spent some time praying about ourselves as a community for our financial needs, for those who are under stress and pressure, for those who are unwell and about out future. If you would like us to pray for you at any time do message us on social media or contact Deborah.

Shaz led us in our sung worship and we learnt a new song. It was great to focus on God’s constant love and care of us.

Andy spoke to us about faith that looks beyond the grave, as we continued our series in Hebrews 11. We looked up lots of Bible verses and specifically thought about what God’s promise is to us, the resources available to us through Gods’s promise and reminded ourselves that we are pilgrims whose home and ultimate destination is heaven. We imagined each having a passport from heaven which we used during our life on earth, where we are “on holiday” which we would no longer need once we’d arrived there!

These are the words that appear most in Hebrews 11 – thanks for this Andy! image

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2 Responses to Sunday 9 March

  1. secretthoughts says:

    Please contact me if you can as I live in Shropshire and wish I could come and help too as I am born again Christian and would like to do my best to show love to my fellow Christians too. Where are you based in Wolverhampton?

    • Debs Walton says:

      We meet at Church @ Broad Street in Wolverhampton on Sunday evenings and in Starbucks, Wolverhampton at 9 am to 10 am on Tuesdays to Fridays.

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