Sunday 16 March

We had a slight change to our usual sung worship and were really grateful to Helen Cook for leading us in some Taize and Iona chants. It was great to just use our voices and listen to one another as we sang ancient words from scripture together. Helen and Andy Turner created a medley of chants and modern worship songs which helped us connect with God in a new way.

Shaz spoke to us about Moses. She helped remember that Moses was reluctant to be obedient to God and was only fully trusting God by the time he stood at the edge of the Red Sea with the Israelites. Until that time he had been hesitant.

God gave Moses a staff so that he would remember his encounter with God at the burning bush when God called him to do a specific task. Shaz asked us to think about the things which might be a staff for us – a reminder of an encounter with God, or a reminder of what God has told us to do.

We also thought about Jesus standing at the door of our hearts and knocking, asking for us to invite Him in. Shaz asked us to think about what our door was – what is the thing that is keeping Jesus out of the centre of our hearts.


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