Sunday 6 April

Cake and cookies were shared and quickly consumed at the start of Vitalise. We were delighted to be joined by Rev Ian Heath (chair of the WPM Management Group) who was with us to lead Holy Communion.

Our sung worship was led by Sarah and Bex who were leading for the first time. We were grateful to them for the excellent choice of songs.

We thought about Relationships and Sex from a Christian perspective. The talk was the beginning of a conversation that will continue over the next couple of months.

We thought about God creating us primarily to have a relationship with Him and then for relationships with others. We thought about how each person is created in the image of God; physically knit together by God; given gifts, skills and abilities; and given the opportunity to do good works. These good works were prepared by God for us to do before we had been created.

We thought about God’s best plan for our relationship with Him and His best plan for our relationships with one another.

Seeing ourselves and our life from God’s perspective, from the perspective of eternity, remembering how precious and loved we are, how we belong to Him and His family, was the best grounding from which to enter into relationships with others.

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