Sunday 11 May

It was great to be joined by Nathan Adams on Sunday.

Nathan helped us reflect on 3 questions:

1. What is The Church / or what is a church?
2. How does Vitalise fit into all that?
3. How can you serve the church?

We thought about local and worldwide Church, we thought about different expressions of Church in different contexts.

We were reminded that Church is not about what you get out of it and that our attitude to church should be, how can we serve God through the church. Examples of how to serve included:
• Practical support;
• Simply being prepared to encourage others; and
• Giving.

Nathan encouraged us to remember that Jesus builds the church and illustrated this with two verses. ‘On this rock I will build my church’ Matt 16:18 and ‘The Lord added to their number’ Acts 2:47.

We spent time in silence and prayer on the following:

1. Thank God that we are part of ‘the community of believers for all time’
2. Silently reflect – how can you serve your local church (Vitalise!)
3. Prayer for the church in Wolverhampton (for unity, sharing resources, working together etc.)
4. Pray for the church in the UK (for unity, healthy Christian identity, to have healthy influence).


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