Sunday 22 June

Our prayers today took us outside as, led by Nicola, we walked around St Johns and invited God to break into the situations that were on our hearts that felt like walls keeping God out.

Joe led our sung worship with his usual sensitivity and he gave us time and space to find God and bring ourselves to Him through music and song.

Shaz (who seems to be challenging Nicola for the title of Powerpoint Presentation Queen!) The talk was entitled ‘Our God-Given Compass’ and was based on Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 3. We were reminded that justice and social status were turned on its head as a result of the Holy Spirit outpouring. When the disciples healed the lame man they were proactive, they prayed and took action: “he took him by the hand and raised him up”.

We thought about how we are all created in the image of God and yet all have different gifts, skills and passions. We thought about the importance of sharing those things which we feel passionate about with each other particularly when these are linked to issues of justice. We remembered how Millie had educated us about tax (in)justice last summer and how it challenged our thinking and led to us acting differently.

We spent time writing down the things which God has put on our hearts that we feel passionately about that we would like to share with others and do something about. We hung the paper up with pegs and thought about how our passion needs to lead to action through which the Kingdom of God will come in the places where we are.

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