Sunday 29 June

Hannah led our prayers and encouraged us in small groups to discuss times when we had taken the risk to share our faith in our day to day situations and to pray for each other to have the courage to do this more.

Andy led our sung worship with Peter on the cajon. We enjoyed an extended time of worship at the start of our time together.

Continuing with our theme from the book of Acts, Nicola took us to two passages, Acts 4:32-end and Acts 5:12-end. With an excellent map of the Temple Nicola described how so many people at the time of the early Church were prevented from getting close to God or having access to the place of holiness and prayer. This was also illustrated by making us sit in different groups and allowing some of us to eat chocolates while others were not able to share those same privileges.


We were reminded of what a radical message of equality the early Church lived in public view. Systems of injustice and exclusion when it came to accessing God and experiencing His love and presence were torn down. As the early churched lived out of this sense of all being equal and loved by God this impacted on how they dealt with each other practically by ensuring everyone’s needs were met.

How often do we behave as if we are part of the old Temple and restrict people’s access to God? How much courage would it take to be like the early Church and break down those barriers?


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