Sunday 13 July

This evening we were joined by Revd Peter Sellick of CIGB. Our theme for the evening was the distribution of gifts.

Initially we thought about those who had delivered a gift to us in our lives. People who had encouraged us to be ourselves, those who had seen gifts and skills in us that no-one else had seen, those who had given us opportunities. We spent some time in small groups sharing our stories and then thanking God for the people we had thought about.

We then thought about Acts 6:1-7 and spent time thinking about the distribution of gifts, the need for fairness and justice, our role in this, the things which are often unseen which are in the gaps and spaces, the need for a new perspective. Peter brought to us various pictures, images and art to illustrate his talk and to challenge us about the role we can play in all aspects of our lives.

We were grateful to Matt for leading our sung worship (a picture of him preparing to practice).

We were also grateful to Graham for leading us in prayers of response at the end of the talk.

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