Sunday 6 July

Today we held a special service to commission those who had recently undertaken chaplaincy training and to pray for them as they start in their roles as volunteer chaplains. We were thrilled to be joined by Revd Bill Mash of BCIUM and Revd Ian Heath.

Bill gave us a snapshot of the work of some of the chaplains already working in the Black Country before he led the commissioning part of the service.


Ian spoke to us from Acts 5 about bold obedience. The radical message and actions of the early Church meant that they risked and then experienced arrest. God provided a way out for them in the form of an angel who told them to go back to the Temple to preach. The apostles did not delay in being obedient to this message but went “at daybreak” as soon as they could. Delay is not obedience. We were challenged about our obedience and how bold we are when we sense God telling us to do something that is risky and uncomfortable.

The worship group was led by Tom Pearson and we really enjoyed his skill on the piano! (The photo shows the musicians practising.)


The evening ended as we gathered around the font to remember the death of Jesus, His unconditional love for us and share in communion.


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