Meet the new team!

As those who you who came to support us at our licensing event in September 2017 will know, Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries celebrated its tenth birthday by welcoming in a new leadership team!

kate and nic1

(Kate’s on the left, Nicola’s on the right)

Nicola Turner has taken over the role of Team Leader. She is excited to build on the work of the amazing leaders who have gone before and to put her own twist on our vision to worship fully, love all and serve the wonderful city of Wolverhampton!

The role of Young Adult Outreach Coordinator has been taken up by Kate Tingle. Some of you might recognise Kate as she attended Vitalise as a church member back in 2015 while she was training to be an archivist.

So does this mean change for Vitalise?

Yes and no! The overall vision of Vitalise – to worship fully, love all and to serve the city of Wolverhampton through our work with young adults – is staying the same and both Nicola and Kate are really passionate about working particularly with folk who might not otherwise feel like they fit in ‘regular’ church. But Nicola brings new gifts and different passions to her role as team leader and WPM will naturally grow and develop, as it always has done.

What are you guys up to at the moment then?

WPM has some great new projects unfolding at the moment. Our chaplaincy offshoot, Bluefish Chaplaincy, has got a new partner in the city. In addition to our work with YMCA Badger Court and The Way Youth Zone, we now offer chaplaincy services to the parents and staff at YMCA City Tots!

We see Christmas as a really important opportunity for missional work with our chaplaincy partners, so we’re hard at work putting the finishing touches to our Christmas extravaganza, the Vitalise Christmas service, which will be held on Sunday 17th December at 6pm – all are very welcome!


We’re also starting to think about projects for the new year – we’ve got some interesting ideas in the pipeline so watch this space!


About Kate Tingle

I'm the Young Adult Outreach Coordinator at Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries. I'm passionate about the chaplaincy work we do with young adults and love the city we work in!
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