Events and Projects

Throughout the year we work on different projects and host one-off events.

You will be able to find up to date details using our social media links particularly our twitter feed @wolvespm!

You can read about the projects and events we have hosted and run in the past here. These include everything from our Christmas outreach projects to our fundraising.

Upcoming Events


No Christmas would be complete without a Vitalise nativity! Join us this December for our own particular take on the Christmas story.

Ongoing Projects


We are honoured to work as local Advocates for the charity Acts 435. It’s a revolutionary organisation which aims to provide direct small(ish) donations of financial aid to those in need, living in poverty in the UK.

The concept is very simple: someone in the local area needs financial aid to afford a new washing machine, or a new set of school uniform of their kids. They’re recommended to us, the local Acts 435 Advocates. We meet with them and help them by putting their request onto the national Acts 435 website, where people donate to help them. If their donation request is met, the person requesting financial help gets 100% of the money.

You can read more about the charity and the kinds of people it is intended to help here.

If you’d like to make a request for financial aid through Acts 435, you can contact Nicola, the WPM team leader by email – her address is

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