A hot tub and the Holy Spirit: our 2018 baptism service

Discipling new Christians is central to our mission at WPM so it is always a pleasure to see young adults reach a stage in their faith journey where they feel ready to make the public commitment of baptism. This Pentecost, we had the joy of baptising two members of our community – Chloe and Rob. We came to know them through our chaplaincy work at YMCA Badger Court and it has been great to get to know them, and to grow in faith alongside them.

As all our baptismal candidates are adults, they are also confirmed by our local Anglican bishop and received into Methodist membership; we are very proud of our ecumenical identity and had the pleasure of being joined for the service by the Wolverhampton and Shrewbury District Chair and the Bishop of Wolverhampton, both of whom are WPM trustees.

Left: Chloe and Rob give their testimonies before their baptism; centre: Nicola preaches on the promises we make at baptism; right: Rachel, local Methodist district chair, blesses the waters of our baptismal hot tub.

We were also joined by some of our prayer supporters and by some of the staff and residents of YMCA Badger Court, which was really lovely. We like to think of the WPM community as extending well beyond our Sunday evening congregation, and it was great to have some of the people we usually only see on weekdays join us for this very special service.

Left: Chris Collins, the minister at Darlington Street, receives Rob and Chloe into Methodist membership; right: Bishop Clive confirms Rob and Chloe.

Left: Rachel leads our intercessions, inviting us to pray for the things on the hearts of our community members; right: Bishop Clive presides at communion.

We are enormously grateful to everyone who help set up for the service, to everyone who brought cake, and to everyone who came to support Rob and Chloe as they made this commitment. Please continue to pray for them as they continue to explore what it means to follow Jesus!

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About Kate Tingle

I'm the Young Adult Outreach Coordinator at Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries. I'm passionate about the chaplaincy work we do with young adults and love the city we work in!
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