In The Week

In addition to meeting for prayer (which you can read more about here), we also run weekly or fortnightly small groups on weeknights – discipleship isn’t just for Sundays, after all! We’re currently reviewing how and what we run, so at present our schedule has been reduced but we’re hoping to put on a greater number of these kinds of sessions in the New Year.

God at Work

God at Work is our home group for people in our community who are in full-time work or education.  The group meets fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm.  We take it in turns to host the group in our homes; we start by eating together (all diets are catered for, don’t worry!) before turning to discussion and prayer for each other. Our discussion usually centres around a book – in the past, we’ve read things like Justin Welby’s Dethroning Mammon and Mark Bradford’s Encountering The Risen Christ.

Though it sounds very reading-heavy, our home group sessions are completely discussion based – God at Work is all about people coming together to grow as disciples by talking about their faith and their day-to-day experiences of being Christian!



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